Monday, July 22, 2013

Deviation Update

I was planning on getting Deviation out into the wonderful world of books on July 22, but I decided to wait. This time around I've had a really awesome person, Allura, edited Deviation for me and she did an AMAZING job. Seriously couldn't be were I'm at right now if it wasn't for her. I also decided to take on a few Beta readers that I didn't do for Entrelacen and so far the feedback has been awesome. I'm just waiting on a few more betas to get back to me and then do a final run through before I start the finishing touches. It looks like I'm going to be releasing on August 5! So not too much later than planned. I'm also doing a bog tour so if you are interested you can sign up HERE

I want to thank all of you have been incredibly awesome and have helped supported me in anyway, shape, or form. I'm really excited to get this book out there and into your hands.Thank you all for understanding! I want to put the best out there even if it means pushing my date back! Infinite XO's!

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