Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cover Reveal- Emma Hart

Did someone say COVER REVEAL time?!?! Damn right I did!! WoooHoooo I love these days because even though the covers to books don't always reflect what the book is about, they are awesome attention grabbers right? Well I've had the extreme pleasure of getting to know Emma and revel in her awesomeness. She's not only a fantastic writer but an extremely talented designer as well. As you can tell from her book covers and my own, she has this awesome ability to make something small into something amazing! Anyways enough of my rambling here is her gorgeous cover to Holding On, novella to Never Forget and prequel to Always Remember!

Absolutely GORGEOUS right?!?! And of course with the cover you need a synopsis right? Well if you must!

Living in London after spending almost twenty years in a town with a population of three hundred would be hard on anyone – and Alec Johnson is no exception to the rule. 

When Alec followed Lexy to London, he knew his life would change drastically. He just didn’t know how much. With Lexy’s friends and admirer to contend with, he has to show there’s more to the country surfer boy than is ability to ride the waves. With his own shameless admirers, he has to keep Lexy’s trust – and despite her love for him, that’s no easy task.

Beneath her tough girl exterior, all Jennifer Mason has ever wanted to do is paint. London’s School of Art can give her that, and she couldn’t be happier she’s finally breaking free from Lilac Bay. What she’s not happy about is having to leave Carl behind – or his reluctance to visit her while she’s studying. 

Their relationship is put to the test as living on her own for the first time and university take their toll on Jen. After all, three hundred miles is a long way to be away from your boyfriend when you’re eighteen years old.
And it’s even harder when you can’t keep your eyes off your best friend’s older brother.

And because Emma is badass, she's even included an Excerpt!!!


I stand, walking towards Bing. “Tell me this is some kind of ass wiping joke?”
“I wish,” he replies, looking down at me. “Believe me, spending my evening with you wasn’t in my plan.”
“So change it,” I hiss. “There is no way I’m spending all of Saturday night smiling and hanging onto your arrogant arm, Samuel!” Although, it is a very pretty arm.
He sighs. “Look, Jennifer, I don’t exactly want you on my arm, but it’s too late to change it. Mum has already ordered matching outfits.”
“Are you fucking kidding?” I deadpan. “Not only do I have to go with you, everyone will know I’m with you because, what? Your tie will match my dress?”
“Oh, and there’s the brains she used to get into university,” he responds snarkily. “Yes, Jen. My tie is the same material and colour as your dress. Believe me, I’m not damn happy.”
I heave in a breath. “This is gonna be as about as successful as Hades in the North Pole.” I throw my arms up, and turn back to Lexy’s bed. I throw myself face down on it.
“I wouldn’t lie like that,” Bing says. “You have no idea what’s happened on that bed.”
I get back up and growl. I push past him, moving to stomp down the stairs.
“Hey, I was just saying!” he calls, following me.
“Go away, Samuel. I want to see you as much as I want a shard of glass in my ass.”
Holding On releases April 15, 2013
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Entrelacen Book Trailer

So I had a weird day yesterday but also a good one! I got my bookmarks in *squee* and should be getting some copies of my book in today. I am so excited/scared/proud/nervous and probably a million more emotions right now. I know some are going to hate Entrelacen, some might love it, and some may not care one way or another. I didn't write this book to make money, like most authors you ask, I wrote because it was a story in my head that wouldn't go quiet until it was out.

Anyways enough of that :) so here is my first attempt at making a book trailer. I hope you like it, I had loads of fun making it! Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Entrelacen Cover Reveal

Hey everyone! Today is the day everything actually gets real. Its the day that the cover to my book is released for your viewing! *screams* Okay now that I've got the scream out of the way you probably want to see the cover right?  *drum roll*






One girl faces tethered responsibilities in the form of three boys.
One boy dealt a hard hand but rises above in search of his destiny.
Two separate lives desperate for a break, collide.
Falling in love was never the plan but it happened anyway.
Time’s running out and both their fears comes to light.
The key to defeating darkness lies within their family lineage.
Were they thrown together by chance or fate?
Will love conquer all or will a sacrifice be made?


I immediately feel as if this is the bookstore I’ve been searching for. I push the door open at the same time someone on the inside is pulling it open. It causes me to stumble, ungracefully I might add, into the chest of a remarkably fit guy. Immediately I feel my face flush scarlet and try to step back. His strong hands are flexing on my waist to steady me. I realize that I'm shaking.

When my wits start to focus, I inhale and am assaulted by the most sensual masculine scent I have ever smelt. It is like the smell of rain mixed with laundry soap and desire. Okay. Maybe I am just smelling my own desire. I’ve never been so insanely attracted to someone without even seeing his face. That’s when I notice my hands have embedded themselves into his royal blue shirt. I let go and take a step back. His hands drop to his sides and ball into fists. He’s wearing some faded blue jeans that are just a little baggy and look perfect on him. His shirt is form fitting, and if I hadn't already felt up his chest and stomach, I would have noticed his abs through his shirt. My gaze finally lands on his face, and all thoughts immediately vacate the area.
He has beautiful hazel eyes that could rival my own. They hold humor in their depths. His lips are absolutely perfect. I just want to kiss them to see if they were as soft as they look and run my fingers through his untamed black hair. His face looks like it has been sculpted from marble, very tan marble. His smile break whatever spell I was under, and I feel completely embarrassed. I was caught checking him out. I don’t do that. What the hell is wrong with me? Speak April. You look so stupid right now.
“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to, umm, fall into you and, uh, mess up your shirt.”
The smile gets bigger, and his eyes shine like there’s light behind them. Electricity shoots through my body. Every molecule inside me is aware of his proximity and wants to touch and caress him.
“No, I’m sorry. I was so busy talking to Gran that I got distracted, and I wasn’t paying attention to see if someone was outside.”
His voice is a deep, seductive sound that oozes charm and confidence. This is retarded. I’m having some intense feelings for this guy that I don’t know and probably don’t have a chance in hell with.
“No harm done. Thanks for, umm, catching me?”
Why did I just phrase that as a question? I need to get away from this guy; he’s making thinking extremely difficult. I try to step around him into the store and stop dead in my tracks. This store is perfection. I guess pausing makes him think I'm waiting for him to say something else.
“No problem at all.”

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First I want to thank Emma Hart for her amazing designing skills. The cover would be no where as gorgeous without her #badassness! I love you Emma! 

Now for the #Giveaway!!! One lucky person will receive all three ebooks unless the winner has one of the books. Then I'll choose another winner for whatever book isn't claimed. Good Luck everyone!