Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Logan Teaser

Ok so my support team has finally made me set a date for the cover reveal and I'm excited but extremely nervous at the same time! It's crazy to see something almost complete and to know that it's my own. *screams & dances* Okay, the last teaser I shared was from April's POV so Logan needed to be shared. Be sure to check back next week!

Then comes the most chilling voice I have ever heard. It was dark, deep, and terrifying. “It is time Logan. We gave you the opportunity to come to us on your own, but we can wait no longer.”
“Nothing was supposed to happen until my 18th birthday unless my anger was able to take control. I still have a few months.”
“No. We won’t wait that long, so make your choice now.”
“My choice is the same as it was the day you stood in front of my house. I will not bend to you or whoever you serve. My life is my own to command.”
“So be it, but you are making a huge mistake. I hope you are ready to deal with the consequences that will come from this.”
He was gone. I turned around in circles trying to locate where he was, but all that was around me was darkness. A breeze tore through the house, making it come alive with creepy sounds and causing me to shiver. My attention is drawn back to the empty lot. The sound of bubbling water is replaced by a gurgling. I start to make my way over to the hole in the ground and see what I thought was water is thick and reeked of decaying flesh. The street light casts an eerie glow on the street. The ground that was once sandy in color is now a deep red.
        I start to back away when the light catches on something in the pool of blood, a silver bracelet. A bracelet that I never wanted to see covered by blood. In that instant, my feet have a mind of their own and are making their way to the arm I see. The body comes into focus, and I drop to my knees. It’s flowing all around me now, encasing me in this torment and agony. 

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