Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines Day Share + Giveaway

 Sometimes we forget how Love is supposed to be. How when we were kids boys had cooties or vice versa and the thought of liking them was gross.

Then as we got a little older we realized that kissing wasn't gross and boys/girls didn't have cooties. So we started dating, we started falling in love. We got our hearts broken and then healed to only be broken again. Some where along the line we lost sight of what Love is supposed to be. It's when you love someone unconditionally despite their flaws. It's when you look at that person and all you see is their soul, not their outer shell. It's what you see inside that makes a person beautiful. So when you find that person hold on to them. 
After all finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, isn't something that should be taken lightly. It's an ever changing world, but one thing remains the same no matter what, Love. Love doesn't know skin color, gender, it just is. So if you're one of the lucky ones to have found the person you love, hold on to that, and grow old with him/her because you never know what could happen.

Since I've finished my first book, though it's not published, I've also been working on two other projects. This teaser that I'm sharing with you is one of those projects. Every one has a past and sometimes to get past it you need help. Sometimes helping someone can turn into more than that. 

Meet my new guy that lives up to his name, Angel.

He sighs, shoulders relaxing as he walks up to me. He brings his hands up to my face tilting my head back to make sure I’m not bleeding anymore. He touches around my nose making sure I’m ok and I just shrug. The corners of his lips turn up slightly and I can feel his lips on mine again.  My face flushes as I move my eyes to his and try to step back. His hands don’t fall from my face like I thought they would. Instead he steps forward, keeping that same distance. I can see he’s trying to make a decision and for once, I hope. 

His hand slides down my arm to rest on my hip as his other slides to the back of my neck into my hair.  My mind is telling me to push back, to move but my heart is begging me not to move. So I stand there as his face inches closer to mine until his lips meet mine in a slow kiss. The moment his lips meet mine everything disappears, everything. My hands move up to hook around his neck as I pull him closer to me. It’s a slow kiss, a kiss that means more than it should, than it possibly could, right? His hand has moved to my lower back pulling me toward him and I moan at the contact. He bites my bottom lip then soothes the bite with a swipe of his tongue causing me to open my mouth. 

He angles his head, deepening the kiss as our tongues dance around each other. The kiss is becoming needier as we stay locked together. His hand is now under my shirt, caressing my back sending goose bumps all over my body. Just when I’m about to move my hand to his shirt to pull it off he breaks the kiss. With the both of us breathing heavy he rests his head against mine, eyes closed, and arms around me.

So with all the Love today, I decided that why not spread some? So I am going to be giving a way an Ebook copy of Courtney Cole's newest release, If You Say, because its awesome! So be sure to enter!


  1. I am both ;) I guess as a married person I think it isn't as important as it was when I was dating. When you're dating you want that special night, candy, teddy bear, diamond ;)
    When you're married you want your love to surprise you any day of the year with love rather than on the one day they are "supposed" too.

  2. Any day where you can buy hoards of chocolate without being given the evil eye is fine by me! lol <3

  3. It would be nice to be surprised any time of the year with gifts and not when you are suppose to. LOL. <3