Tuesday, February 12, 2013

April for Teaser Tuesday

So I finally got my MS back from my friend that was editing it. So I'm excited and terrified all at once! I was working on nearly all day Sunday and have a few more things to do and waiting on a few beta readers to get back to me. Once I get that all situated, Emma and Christina have been on me about doing a cover reveal so  after Emma's Blog Tour for Never Forget is over I'll might possibly schedule one.

Enough of my rambling here's April and the first kiss  scene.

Oh.My.God. What was supposed to be hanging out with my kids, turns into a hot make out session in the mud. I’ve made out with my share of guys, not that I’m bragging or anything, but I have never, and I mean never, been kissed like this. If perfection is possible, I would say kissing Logan is definitely perfection. His lips are softer than I thought possible. The way he moves them slowly and passionately, as he takes his time to explore every inch of my mouth, has me coming completely undone. 

You know when people say they see fireworks behind their eyelids when they kiss someone? Well, this isn't fireworks, or even stars, but love. Pure, undeniable, crazy Love. It has completely taken me by surprised. When he starts to pull away, I have to pull him back to make sure what I was feeling wasn’t from the excitement of a first kiss, but are my true feelings.  He tastes like chocolate. Sounds crazy, right? But he does. When we finally stopped kissing, I lick my lips. I can still taste him. It takes everything in me to let him help me up so we can go get cleaned up. All my thoughts are trying to come up with a way to get him to kiss me again. 

I never thought girls would ever have to take a cold shower, but just thinking about his kiss has me reeling. The way he stroked my face to get the mud off, the way he looked into my eyes, and the way he smiled at me, had me feeling extremely excited. God, this boy has me completely acting like a fool. I’ve never been one to believe in fate. I know we all have destinies and purposes in life, but maybe there is something more. Maybe fate is real, and everything that happened to both of us got us prepared for each other. 

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