Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Tuesday!

Hey lovelies! I'm about half way done with my next book and I'm getting a little excited and anxious to share some pieces with you lovely people. So I had an idea, I'll share a small piece with you and the title of said book if we can get my author page on Facebook up to 150 likes? What do you say, you think we can do it? I have complete and total faith in you because you are all awesome!

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Thank you!!

 photo thank_you_girly_dots.gifI just wanted to say thank you to all of you who entered the giveaway and  made my first debut an awesome experience. I didn't hide nearly as much as I thought I was going to, surprisingly. I did however freak out like I knew I would but with the support of a few friends I got through it.

It's definitely an experience I won't forget and I'm sure its going to be crazy each time I release a new book. Maybe not as crazy as this because this book holds a special place in my heart.

So that brings me to the next thing. Am I working on something new? I am. Actually I'm currently working on 5 pieces, one in which I started last night. I'm also still blogging with my co-blogger Christina over on Crazy Book Chicks, CBC Naughty&Nice, and also took on hosting tours. At the moment I'm just doing tours for Emma Hart but who knows what the future might hold. I'm having loads of fun playing with my kiddos, blogging, and writing. Thank you all for being apart of this experience with  me it means more than you know!

Congratulations to Allura and Tawney for winning the giveaway! More news on my what I'm writing will pop up when I get closer to feeling like they are almost finished. Thanks again everyone! Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

Lots of Love

Friday, April 12, 2013


Ok so before I go hide, well not really since it's my birthday today, I figured I say that my debut novel Entrelacen is now LIVE on Amazon. I have to say that things are harder than I thought they would be. Anyways, like I promised there is a giveaway!! Woohoo 2 lucky winners... what do you win you ask? well check it out!

Prize Pack #1
Necklace #1, Signed ARC & Swag Pack

Prize Pack #2
Necklace #2, Signed Arc & Swag Pack

I hope you all enjoy my book. Check out the Entrelacen tab HERE to find a little back story of how it came to be, links to purchase the awesome necklaces designed by Kimberly Spector, and thank you for all the awesome support you all have given me. It truly means a lot!

Come celebrate my 26th birthday with me and the debut of my first novel buy checking it out! It's only $0.99! Grab it on  Kindle

The Love Game Review

"Because, sometimes, letting go is the key to holding on."

His challenge? Make her fall in love with him.
Her challenge? Play the player.
Until life changes the rules of the game.

Maddie Stevens hated Braden Carter on sight. Arrogant, egotistical, and the playboy of the University of California, Berkeley, he's everything her brother Pearce has taught her to despise. So why, when the girls challenge her to play the player, doesn't she say no? She doesn't know either.

Braden wanted fiery little Maddie the second he laid eyes on her - and he'd do anything to have her, hence why he's agreed to make her fall in love with him. After all, it's the only way he'll get what he wants. Sex.

But, as Braden discovers, there's more to the girl from Brooklyn than he ever imagined - and he can't help but care about the broken girl behind those pretty green eyes.

Maddie finds Braden isn't just a walking erection - he actually has feelings. He can be sweet, funny and his good looks don't exactly hurt. That means trouble - but when her brother Pearce turns up in Berkeley begging for her help, she realises Braden and Pearce aren't so alike anymore.

And maybe, just maybe, they're exactly what each other needs.

Buy The Love Game on


So on the last day of the tour I have my review and an interview with Kyle. Why Kyle? Well though Braden is the leading man, sometimes we need to appreciate the secondary characters and the roles they play. Kyle, though his roll is small, was major.. You'll have to read to find out. Oh, and umm I totes have dibs on him, haha. So let me introduce you to MY Kyle :)

Hey Kyle, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for me.
 Hi, Dani. It’s a pleasure to be here. Trust me. *grins and leans forward. Takes Dani’s hand and kisses it* *blushes*

So bartender *winks*, what’s your favorite drink?
 How about you come out with me one night, and I’ll buy you it? *winks* I’m totally game for that, just let me know when you’re ready for some fun. *smirks*

So it’s obvious you’re interested in Maddie, what is it about her that draws your attention?
 She’s the kind of person you’re naturally drawn to. Despite the shit she’s been through, she’s always got a smile on her face.

Why haven’t you asked her out or been more forward with your interest?
 I thought I was pretty forward. I made plenty of suggestive comments. Not all were documented. *grins*

When Braden starts to show his interest in Maddie at the football game, what did you think?
 I thought he was an asshole, so nothing different than usual.

Living in a frat house, I’m sure you’ve heard about conquests from your brother’s. Did you know about the game Braden was playing?
 I had no idea. I found out when Maddie did. They played it smart – the only people that knew were Braden, Aston, and Ryan. I think Megan probably figured it out, but she was playing her own game, and it wasn’t the one the other girls were playing!

 I know you’re one of the good guys, I can tell by how you acted with Maddie, do you ever think that maybe you shouldn’t be so good and embrace some of the bad boy you’re hiding?
 Maybe I should embrace it.  *leans forward* Wanna help me let the bad boy out, Dani? *laughs* Maybe my hints aren’t as suggestive as I thought? *winks*

When the blow out with Maddie and Braden happened, what was your first thought?
 My first thought was to slam him against the nearest brick wall, but Maddie needed someone more.  Good choice on helping Maddie out first.

Do you know if there is another book in the works?
 I know Megan’s story will be out in a few months, and there is another my author is planning on, but she’s unsure on whether or not it’ll be written. So I didn’t tell you that. My lips are sealed.

Can we expect to see you making more of an appearance?
 I’ll be popping up in Megan’s book, no doubt. Someone needs to provide those crazy girls with their shots! A bartenders job is the most important!

What about a book of your own?
 There’s a possibility it’s been discussed. For now, you’ll just have to use your imagination. Oh I can definitely do that! *smirks as I check Kyle out*

 I mean not all nice guys finish last right? *winks*
 *smirks* wanna find out? *blushes* Wanna get out of here?

Alright Kyle, I think I’ve taken up enough of your time and I’m sure you have a party, game or class to get to… but if for whatever reason if you can’t find a girl on that campus of yours, call me. *blows a kiss*
OK so now that the hotness has left the building.... time for my review!! I know you all love it right? haha okay, maybe not but read it anyways and then go pick up your copy of The Love Game if you haven't already!

I rant and rave on how much of an amazing author Emma Hart is on twitter, Facebook, and even the blog I share with Christina. But sometimes words fail you. There’s only so many ways you can say a person is truly magnificent. Emma Hart is one of those people. If you have gotten the chance to talk to Emma, get to really know her, you know how amazing she is. Her books show it too. Emotion. Emotion is one of the biggest factors in what makes a book memorable. It’s what makes a book climb the charts even after its been out for months, it’s what makes you recommend it to anyone and everyone, and it’s what leaves the lasting impression on you to were you pick it up and read it again and again. The Love Game is definitely one of these books.

We’re introduced to Maddie first in The Love Game and you can tell there’s something that’s went on in her life. Something that has her tied up inside and not easily broken. Well like others in college, frat house parties are essential to the experience. Maddie has a group of girlfriends that complement each other in the best of ways. They feed of each others strengths and weaknesses. That’s another thing that makes Emma’s books amazing. She not only develops the main characters but the secondary ones as well. She makes a well-rounded book. In this first scene we are also introduced to Braden. At first sight Maddie is disgusted by him, why you ask? Well you’re going to have to read to figure that tidbit out. This is also where the gauntlet is issued. Get the campus playboy to fall in love with you and then “hump and dump” Game Over…. Right?

Then there’s the sexy Braden. I mean he has to be sexy right if he can get into every girls pants on campus, other than Maddie’s right? Well I’ll give Emma that. She sure as hell knows how to write one hot, sexy, and undeniably guy we all fall in love with. Caveman Braden is no exception. Braden wants Maddie, well in Maddie’s panties that is. About the same time the girls are hatching their “Operation Play the Player,” Braden and his boys are hatching their own scheme, get Maddie to fall in love with Braden, get into her panties...Game Over… Right?

Let’s just say what started out a game of who can get you to fall in love first turns into something so much more. Let it be a warning to everyone, sometimes Love comes knocking when you least expect it. Sometimes Love laughs in your face. Sometimes Love hurts and sometimes love isn’t always strong enough to forget what was done. Is that what happens to Maddie and Braden? Is The Love Game a testament to be careful on what you play and what’s involved when you play it? Maybe, just maybe, all it takes is a spark of attraction to ignite an inferno of passion, lust, want, need, and Love. 

If you haven’t already bought your copy of The Love Game you should do it now. See what happens when a game starts with the intention of making someone fall in love for selfish reasons, might not turn out so selfish in the end. It might be just what they both needed to just be themselves. 

xoxo Dani


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cover Reveal- Michele G. Miller

So it's my extreme pleasure to introduce you to Michele's absolutely stunning cover to her debut novel. I've had the pleasure of getting a tease and from what I've read I cannot wait till release day to be able to read the entire book. So without further ado, here is the beautiful cover to her book, Never Let You Fall (The Prophesy of Tyalbrook, Book One). It's a YA Fantasy Romance Series.

Orphaned at 7, with no memory of her past or the family she lost, 17 year old Skye Martin is tired of being alone and afraid. After a hard night of partying, Skye wakes up alone in an unfamiliar hotel. All she can remember is the deep voice of her rescuer and his promise: “I am safe.” Xander has been tasked with watching Skye from afar for the past two years, in order to keep her safe from the demons that hunt her. An easy job - until a pair of red glowing eyes reveal themselves to Skye, and Xander, in a moment of weakness, is forced to break his cover to protect her. Never good at trusting people, Skye is inexplicably drawn to Xander and the immediate bond she feels for him. However, Xander is filled with secrets and ties to her past that threaten to thrust Skye into a world she could never imagine existed… As she begins to unravel the truth about who Xander is and the details surrounding her family, she discovers that she might just be the key to saving everything...  And, most importantly, she finds that there has always been someone by her side who would never let her fall…

Expected Release Date- May 1, 2013

About the Author 
Having grown up in both the cold, quiet town of Topsham, Maine and the steamy, southern hospitality of Mobile, Alabama, Michele is something of a enigma.  She is an avid Yankees fan, loves New England, being outdoors and misses snow.  However she thinks southern boys are hotter, Alabama football is the only REAL football out there and sweet tea is the best thing this side of heaven and her children’s laughter!  Her family, a doting hubby and three little minions  have planted their roots in the middle of Michele’s two childhood homes in Charlotte, North Carolina.   Never Let You Fall is Michele’s first novel and she is beyond thrilled to have finally followed up on a dream she has held for over 20 years!  God willing there will be many many more books to follow.
Catch up with Michele online at michelegmiller.blogspot.com , on Twitter @chelemybelles or on Facebook

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday Teaser-April

So excited that this is the last Tuesday Teaser for a little while!  I have a few other books in the works but not close enough to being finished to start sharing teasers just yet. Entrelacen releases on Saturday!!! *screams and dances* then after the excitement wears off of announcing that I'm no going to run and hide lol. I'm so nervous it's unreal. I know my book might not be for everyone and its far from perfect, but I absolutely love it and hope you do to. So for the last teaser it's an image I made. Not as awesome as the one my friend Emma Hart makes but I love it just the same.

Thank you to everyone who has shown me kind words and support along this journey. It means more than you know! Also check back on release day. There might be some giveaways!

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Hey everyone!!! So my friend Heather hooked me up with this awesome jewelry designer named Kimberly Spector. She is a total genius! I asked her to design 2 necklaces for Entrelacen and the ones she came up with are beyond my expectations. If you want to check out her designs head over to her site Nair&Bjorn and her Etsy page Nair&Bjorn on Etsy

So these are the necklaces!!

Aren't they gorgeous!! I'm not sure when they will go up for sale on her site but keep checking if you would like to purchase them!

I will also be doing a giveaway sometime next week. There will be two grand prize winners, each winner will receive one of the necklaces!

Stay tuned, there's only 7 days until Entrelacen is released!!