Monday, May 12, 2014

My First YA Novel

Hey everyone, I know its been a while since I made a post. To say life has gotten in the way is an understatement, but I have some news! Today I'm revealing the cover to my YA Scifi Romance novel, Supernova. I was lucky last year and was able to attend utopYA Con last year and loved the theme they came up for this years Con. This is how Supernova came into play. I love the results and hope all of you love it too. Sadly I won't be able to make it to the Con this year, so for all of you that are going, have fun and hug all those amazing authors for me! In the meantime of meeting those authors, Supernova will be releasing June 9, 2014! I'm so excited and can't wait to hear what y'all think of it!

When the one place you call home is destroyed and the very life you know is no longer an option, what do you do? For seventeen year old Nova Michaels, life in Calyx is over. Following the plans of her father, Nova and her mother, Luna, leave their home in hopes to blend in with the humans on Earth - Newport Beach, California. Out of the five Celestials, Calyxians are the only beings who resemble humans, and they’re the only ones who eat, talk, and dress like them.

Aaron McCarthy is a typical high school boy enjoying his summer break, until something drops from the sky. And when a girl with fire red hair walks to shore, he knows his summer just got interesting.

The captivation and pull is something neither can explain. They get lost in each other every time they lock eyes and when they touch, a spark ignites with a blinding light encompassing their skin. Nothing is as it seems; Nova isn’t what she seems. Before you can have a future, sometimes you have to deal with the past.

With all of Nova’s secrets out on the table, can Aaron look past it?

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