Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Teaser Tuesday- Logan

It's getting close to Entrelacen being released and I'm freaking out!! It's a good think I have Emma Hart's Blog Tour to keep me occupied lol. As of today there is 11 days, that's right 11 days till the book releases. So to hold you over here is another scene from Logan that my co-blogger on Crazy Book Chicks and friend Christina said was one of her favorites. So enjoy!

I notice a few of the parents are just as taken with her and the way she’s telling the story. I wonder why we have never had someone do story time before now. Maybe one of the kids is hers. That would explain why she was here, doing the reading no less. I’ll have to ask Gran when I get a chance. Parents start lining up after the story is over. She gets up and starts picking up books that got knocked over and re-shelves them. That’s odd. I wonder why she’s doing that. Her body becomes rigid when she nears me. I see her chest rising faster. Then she lifts her face.

Our eyes lock instantly. I can feel the hairs on my arms standing to attention as the humming buzzes over my skin, shocking its way through me. I hold her stare, not wanting to be the one to break it first. I continue checking out all the customers at the counter. I notice they are all buying the Snow White book. No doubt each kid had to have it after hearing a reading like that. I see the little girl that sat right in front of this beautiful creature, run up to the woman to give her a hug. She breaks the connection when she looks down to smile at the little girl. She has the best smile. After I finish checking out the last person, I bolt to the door leading to the storage area before she can look up again. 

Happy Tuesday lovelies! 

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