Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Teaser Tuesday

Happy Teaser Tuesday!! Okay, so there's something you should know about Deviation. It's not a flowery read, its real and at time raw. Some of you if you choose to read it might hate it, some might love it. Its a subject, well two subjects that are just a few of many people face on a daily basis. With that, I  hope you decide to take the chance on reading it when it comes out. For now I will leave you with a teaser and the sign up form for the Cover Reveal. Thank y'all!

I just nod my head as he walks me back to the closet. He opens drawers looking for something, when he holds up a night gown. A sexy night gown, I raise my eyebrows at him, challenging him. He clears his throat. I take my shirt off and drop it next to me, and then he stops breathing. Wincing when I try to unbutton my pants, I switch to my left hand, but I’m having a hard time. I let out a frustrated growl as my hands are swept away. I’m biting my lip as Angel’s shaky fingers work to undo the button and lower the zipper. His breathing has become rapid, mine has stopped. As he places his hands on my hips, hooking his thumbs inside the waist band of my jeans, I get a shock which makes me release the breath I was holding.
He’s so close to me that I can feel his breath on my stomach. My body is trembling with need as he slowly slides my pants down. I hold on to his shoulders as I lift one foot up then the other. As he stands up he runs his hands up my legs, my sides, until they rest on my hips. He’s flexing his hands, digging into me, sending sparks coursing through my body. Then he backs away to grab the nightgown and pulls it over my head.

The boundary line is starting to blur and I can’t let it. I turn away from him and walk to the bed. I get in and cover myself up then I hear the door to the room click shut. I know I shouldn’t care that he didn’t say goodnight to me or sweet dreams, but I do. My last thought is how amazingly blue Angel’s eyes are, and how much he makes me want to be a better person, even though I know I can’t.

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