Monday, May 6, 2013

Teaser Tuesday

Okay, so I was trying to up my numbers on my Facebook author page and then it hit me, why does it matter? I rather you like me for me and what I write instead of bribing you. So with that being said I'm posting the first teaser to my next novel.

I did this one a little differently than I did with Deviation when it came to teasers. I didn't want to start until I finished the book, so I guess you know what that means right? I finished it! I think I might be more excited about this one than I was my first. As of right now, I have it out with two of my betas, and then I'll be sending it to another beta who happens to be amazing and she's going to help me edit the book. I couldn't be more blessed right now, seriously.

I hope you all love the teaser, share it around, and drop me some comments. Depending on how everything goes, I'm looking at publishing it around July. If we get if finished before hand I might release it sooner, but as of right now that's what I'm looking at! Thank you all for being amazingly supportive!

Here's your first look into my next NA Coming of Age Romance... Let's be honest there are way too many genres to be sure which one to fit books into, so I'm just going to go with that. Lol

Meet Neveah and watch as her story unfolds in


  1. Way to go girly for book #2!! I'm feeling you on the FB likes too btw!

  2. Congrats on finishing Book 2! :)
    Am all curious about Deviation now... the teaser is quite... teasing, lol

    1. Thanks KK! I promise the next teaser I put up will be a little longer :)