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Jenna knew Reece would break her heart, when he did Tyler stepped in to pick up the pieces. 

As she’s ready to take the next step with Tyler, Jenna finds herself face to face with Reece. Lies and secrets are discovered from the two boys she trusted the most. And now it’s more than just her heart on the line, it’s her life as well. 

Torn between two amazing guys Jenna’s certain of only one thing, this is the most important decision of her life. One almost destroyed her. The other brought her back to life. The time has come to choose. Can Jenna move forward with Tyler or will she be stuck in the past with Reece?

OH. MY. GODDESS. This book was beyond my expectations. I first got introduced to Danielle Sibarium books by her book For Always. I absolutely fell in love with the way Danielle writes and emotional story and so when I found out that she was coming out with Heart Waves, I automatically bought the book. I absolutely fell in love with the way the story was created. A modern day take on the most epically tragic love story, Romeo and Juliet, but with a twist. Usually when there is two guys that are potential love interests, we fan girls, break up into teams. We see it with Twilight, Team Edward or Team Jacob, well the Heart Wave series is no different.

Though my team didn’t form until the second book, Breaking Waves. From that book on I was and will always be Team Reece. I absolutely despised Tyler. I didn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. Granted the boy is hot, but something never sat right with me. I also didn’t like Jenna much in Breaking Waves either. I mean she did the opposite of what Reece asked her to do, and yes sometimes it takes another guy to mend a broken heart, but really? I won’t get into the details because you have to read the books. Seriously if you haven’t picked up these books you are seriously missing out.

When I received Waves of Love in my mail box, I was so nervous. It was the first time I was so anxious to read a book and so terrified at the same time. There was three ways Danielle could take this book. Option 1 Jenna ends up with Tyler, Option 2 Jenna ends up with Reece (if he’s alive), or Option 3 the modern take on Romeo & Juliet, ends like Romeo & Juliet. I was at the edge of my bed the entire time. I was freaking out, frequently I might add, and literally having to pause for a few seconds to talk myself down. I can usually figure out how a book is going to end, but Danielle had me guessing right up until the last page. I can’t expand further on my thoughts because, I would give too much away. Just know that you HAVE to start this series if you haven’t already!
I adore Danielle, and it’s not just because we share the same name. I adore her because she tackles real life events in her stories, maybe not so realistically in the Heart Waves series because there is a touch of a paranormal aspect to it, but the issues are still the same. I usually have a few quotes I love to include in my reviews, this review however I am only going to leave one quote. I’ll let you decide the meaning behind it.

“…we ended a tragedy and woe, so that Juliet can now live happily with her Romeo.”

What do you think? Does Jenna get to live happily with her Romeo? And what defines happily, because sometimes in death we are truly freed. Have you interested to see what happens next? Pick up your copy now! You all know I love music, so I created a playlist with the help of my friend Christina, so check it out!
<3 Dani

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Danielle Sibarium grew up as an only child of divorced parents in Brooklyn, New York. Her imagination was developed at an early age. Surrounded by stuffed animals and imaginary friends, she transported herself into a fantasy world full of magic and wonder. Books were the gateway between her play world and reality. On any given summer afternoon she became Snow White sweeping and cooking for the dwarfs, or Cinderella waiting for the prince.

Danielle always loved dialogue and in elementary school began writing plays and short stories. This is when she began to understand she could not only bring her fantastical world to life for herself, but she could enchant others as well. And so she wrote. She wrote and wrote and wrote.

Sadly the first piece she ever sent out for publication of any sort was a letter to the editor of The Home News Tribune. It was a piece thanking the first responders for their bravery and selflessness on Sept 11th. It was chosen as letter of the week.

In 2007 Danielle collaborated with Charlotte Doreen Small to write songs for her CD More. Danielle wrote the lyrics for Take My Hand, and Goodbye, while Charlotte contributed the melody.
 In October 2011 Danielle’s debut novel For Always was released. She Has since released Heart Waves and the second book in the Heart Waves series, Breaking Waves. Danielle graduated from Farleigh Dickinson University with honors, and currently lives in New Jersey with her husband and three children.

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